The Tata Megapixel is designed to express the energy and dynamism seen in Contemporary Design in India today. The design language of Megapixel , while inspired from traditional Indian Architectural and design details, is completely Global in its reach and appeal, comfortable in New York, London or Mumbai.

The traditional Indian ‘Jaali’ for instance has been used in a 3 dimensional way in the air intakes on the bumpers, or the A/C vents, giving it that modern, unexpected twist. The Rose Copper details in the Interior which are derived from tradition India metal craft are another unexpected and surprising use of a very traditional Indian material.

The juxtaposition of technical and natural materials also reflects perfectly the place India occupies today in the Global context, a mix of the modern with the traditional.

The dynamic stance, sweeping silhouette and floating C-Pillar express again the modernity and confidence of India today. The wide, single piece front ‘mask’ give the car a presence usually reserved for much larger cars. The single belt line which sweeps from the front quarter glass all the way around to the tailgate, visually stretch and lengthen what is otherwise a car with very compact dimensions.

The floating seats and beautifully patterned panoramic roof give a sense of lightness to the passenger cabin. The double sliding front and rear doors, afford unhindered access to a warm and welcoming interior space which is designed to be minimalistic and clutter free.

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